MYD GRUP AŞ. is established in the city of Bursa, which is the center of the textile industry in Turkey, under the leadership of chemical industry experience for more than 25 years in order to offer strong R&D, quality production, fast distribution, professional technical services with a team understanding for production of textile pre-treatment, textile dye and printing chemicals, lubricants, non-woven auxiliary chemicals, fiber chemicals, leather chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals and other special chemicals and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction. Our core principle is “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction.” In line with this principle, being an innovative organization, which is open to changes and a quality partner for its customers, giving services to our customers with customized solutions, tests and products and being a reliable solution partner are our main objectives. The fact that our staff has high professional experience in their fields and that they are graduates of relevant faculties of the universities, unlike our competitors, gives our firm the competence to provide technical support to our customers beyond making our own formulation and manufacturing. As being a team that has an approach of manufacturing and solving the problems together, our objective is to achieve a formation of “happy employees, happy company and happy customers.” For sustainability of our service quality and improving performance of our products, we move forward with our strong R&D department, our production unit that do not compromise on quality, our sales department that supports your strength, our technical services that stand by you in any technical problem, our communication and shipments unit that provides fast information flow, our foreign trade-purchasing and finance team that supplies approved raw materials.

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